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Ask the Director: Keith Maitland on “Tower,” SXSW Documentary Grand Jury Winner

At SXSW 2016, where Tower took home the Grand Jury Award in the Documentary Feature category and the Louis Black "Lone Star" Award, ScreenPrism spoke to director Keith Maitland about the choice to use animation, the true events that motivated him and whether films about gun violence can rise about the noise in our polarized national debate.

SXSW Festival 2016
Ask the Director

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Is “Ray Donovan” more than just stylish violence

The well polished action scenes peppered throughout 'Ray Donovan" are probably the main reasons why viewers will tune in to Showtime every Sunday to watch the show. But is "Ray Donovan" more than just a montage of sleek action sequences? Is there more to the brooding Bostonian than meets the eye?

Q & A

What Does “Blue Ruin” Say About Guns in America

When "Blue Ruin" premiered at Cannes, the audience assumed it was taking a jab at U.S. gun culture. When it was shown in Texas theaters, people enjoyed the film's gun-savvy humor. Is "Blue Ruin" anti-guns or pro-firearms? Well, the answer isn't that simple.

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