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Veep Finale: Don’t Give Up Your Gary

In the first part of our Veep Ending Explained series, we look at how Selina Meyer completes her transformation into the unstoppable, soulless monster she’s always had the potential to be. The end of her story is a warning - that if you "give up your Gary," that if you stand for nothing but yourself, then your legacy will be... no legacy at all.


Veep Finale: Satire in the Age of Trump

In this part of our Veep Ending Explained series, we look at how the show has come to mirror the bleaker, meaner and more shameless aspects of American politics, and how it has fared since the election of Donald Trump.

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How does “The Brink” compare to other scripted political comedies

In the years since "M.A.S.H" the only politically charged television series' of note have been "Veep", "The Brink", and the Disney Channel show "Cory in the House" which shockingly, despite being a spin-off of the hit show "That's So Raven", wasn't critically acclaimed. So due to the clear vacuum in scripted political comedy television it seems HBO is trying to corner that market with two very different shows.