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Who would win? ULTRON VS WALL·E

In the spirit of questioning along the lines of "Who would win a fight between Superman and Batman?" - here at Screenprism we thought we'd ask: "ULTRON VS WALL·E - who would win?"


BIG HERO 6 - One Thing I Would Change

What makes a story work, at the end of the day (or by the closing credits) is subjective. There are truths in screenwriting, like there are spoons in the "Matrix." We can talk about rules, and we can talk about spoons, but in the final analysis "there are no spoons". Regardless, presented with a bowl of chicken soup in the "Matrix," one may want a spoon just the same... In the "One Thing I Would Change" series, I explore movies (usually ones I have great respect for) where I feel improvements could be made by addressing a singular issue. In this case: Big Hero 6