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Do over the top action films like “Mission Impossible: - Rouge Nation” have to be self aware

The most recent installment in the impossible mission series, "Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation", is probably the most impossible yet. In this entry the series' immortal lead Ethan Hunt, played the by the equally immortal Tom Cruise, hangs off the side door of a cargo plane as it takes off and holds his breath for three minutes in some sort of underwater tank while trying to hack into a security system. In real life Cruise really did tape himself to the side of a plane and held his breath for six minutes in that water filled tank. As impressive as this is, both in and out of the movie, it's undeniably ridiculous at the same time. How seriously should audiences take these films, and how series should these films take themselves?

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

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In “Hector,” what is the significance of the multi-colored Chinese flags

The Tibetan prayer flags showcased in "Hector and the Search for Happiness" are an ancient custom that predates Buddhism, which are used to send prayers throughout the land. The belief is that wind blows the flags and carries any prayers performed beneath them to all the surrounding countryside and areas.