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What does “impulse power” mean in “Star Trek”

In "Star Trek," the impulse drive is the method of propulsion that starships and other spacecraft use when they are travelling below the speed of light. Typically powered by deuterium fusion reactors, impulse engines let ships travel interplanetary distances with ease.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek

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Can the protagonist of “Daredevil” really “see” while blind

In Netflix's original series "Daredevil," we learn that its main character, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), while technically blind, does have a form of perception, described as looking like the "world on fire". This is more than a metaphor to compliment Murdock's crime-fighting "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" and "Daredevil" nicknames. This is a graphic description of what Murdock, having lost use of his eyes as a child, "sees".