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Tearing Rick Down - Rick and Morty S4 Explained (So Far)

Rick and Morty Season 4 makes a point of tearing down the myth of Rick Sanchez, telling fans that the Smartest Guy in the Universe should not be anyone's role model after all. In this video, we unpack everything we've seen in the first half of this season.


Rick and Morty: Has Rick Changed?

There's one question everyone wonders about over the first three seasons of Rick and Morty: Has Rick Sanchez changed? Is he becoming more caring? Let's look at the evidence.


RIck and Morty Character Studies: Why Is Rick Such A Rick?

Rick and Morty, the immensely popular Adult Swim cartoon, has yet to flesh out the backstory of Rick Sanchez, the egotistical, alcoholic, and exploitative grandfather to the long-suffering Morty Smith. In this first of our Rick & Morty Character Studies, let’s look at a few theories that could explain what makes Rick such a Rick.