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Breaking Bad: Mike Ehrmantraut - Turning Off the Tap (+ Better Call Saul)

How does Mike Ehrmantraut become the man he is? And what does it cost him? Continuing our Breaking Bad (and Better Call Saul) series, we take on the cautionary tale of Mike. It's tempting to cut off all emotion and become an efficient and cool machine - but it's also the road to darkness and ultimate failure.


Why Breaking Bad is Full of Swimming Pools

In Breaking Bad, why do terrible things keep happening around the swimming pools? Today let's take a look at the secret symbolism of the pool and find out how this all-American fixture has been offering us a secret window into the story - and characters like Walter White and Gus Fring - all along.


Breaking Bad: Walter White - How a Man Becomes Evil

Breaking Bad's Walter White undergoes one of the greatest character transformations on television. Creator Vince Gilligan pitched Breaking Bad as a show about change - he told studios he would turn “Mr. Chips” into “Scarface”. But was Walter really that good to begin with?

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