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Mad Men: The Tragedy of Betty Draper

We're celebrating moms today with a video about one of the worst TV moms ever, Betty Draper of Mad Men. Watch to understand the tragic flaw in Betty’s character that kept her from finding happiness. Then call your mom.

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Is Betty (Draper) Francis Don’s quintessential customer in “Mad Men”

Betty (Draper) Francis' lung cancer diagnosis in the penultimate episode of Mad Men is a little on the nose. Cigarettes are almost worthy of a credit as series regular in the cast and some of the most famous scenes in the show revolve around Lucky Strike and Don’s open apology letter for selling them. But writing it off as that simple wouldn’t give the show or Matthew Weiner, its creator, enough credit. If anyone would get lung cancer, of course it would be Betty. (As Erin Gloria Ryan details for The Muse, we should have seen it coming.) From the first episode, Betty has always been Don’s best customer.

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What happens to the “Mad Men” women

While "Mad Men" is, undoubtedly, Don Draper’s story, the series has always provided viewers with complicated, diverse, and challenging female characters. In the final season, viewers can move toward closure on the stories of Betty (January Jones), Megan (Jessica Paré), Joan (Christina Hendricks), and Peggy (Elizabeth Moss).