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In a film like “Jurassic World,” how much should be based in fact

Whenever a film like Jurassic World (2015) is released the scientific community and paleontologists everywhere feel the need to criticize its factual shortcomings. Perhaps they should be reminded that Jurassic World is just a movie and Jurassic Park (1993) is probably the reason they became paleontologists in the first place. On the other hand if Jurassic Park was based in no fact at all what would we all think dinosaurs actually look like? Science fiction films like Jurassic Park have such an incredible influence on how the public perceives science and history, so perhaps filmmakers should keep in mind what the facts are given the power that they wield.

Q & A

What’s the Meaning Behind the Sexual Imagery in “Alien”

In the 2002 TV documentary “The Alien Saga”, “Alien” screenwriter Dan O’Bannon explained, “I’m going to attack the audience. I’m going to attack them sexually.” And O’Bannon wasn’t the only one who wanted to shock moviegoers. Both O’Bannon and director Ridley Scott were fans of a book called “Necronomicon”, a Lovecraftian grimoire by Swiss artist H.R. Giger. The book was full of disturbing sexual imagery, and Scott brought Giger onboard to give the “Alien” universe an incredibly eerie feel.