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Black Mirror Explained: A Shared Universe

Charlie Brooker says the Black Mirror "flavor" is like a box of chocolates, and they're all dark chocolates. We explore some of the show's Easter Eggs, as well as how the episodes share a common tone and worldview.


Directing Techniques & Tips: Best of Sundance Directors

We asked top directors at Sundance 2017 to share their tips and advice about how to direct a film. Featuring Marti Noxon (Unreal, To the Bone), Drake Doremus (Like Crazy, Newness), Craig Johnson (Wilson), Andrew Dosunmu (Where is Kyra?) and Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands).


Arrival: Ending Explained

What really happened at the end of Arrival? What was the deeper meaning? We unpack the details and symbols, and we speak to the screenwriter for an extra level of insight.


Zootopia’s Deep Meaning: How We Talk to Kids

Zootopia tackles topics that family films usually avoid: racism, sexism, fearmongering and drugs. But it never uses any of these words. We unpack how skillfully the film addresses adult topics in terms that kids can understand.

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