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No Country For Old Men:  Ending Explained

The Coen brothers’ 2007 film No Country for Old Men is not your typical Western: the hero doesn’t win, or even survive, the villain gets away, and the ending isn’t a shootout but rather a slow, calm, monologue by a character who was the least involved of the three main characters. The final scene, much debated by fans and critics, does however give us a window into the movie’s deeper meaning and the Coens’ pessimistic worldview.


Christopher Nolan Director Profile

Christopher Nolan's latest film, Dunkirk, has many of the characteristics that define his collective filmography. We take a look at what those traits are in this latest director profile.


Planet of the Apes: Science Fiction of Social Fears

War for the Planet of the Apes, releasing everywhere July 14, is another example of the franchise using the parable of apes ruling over humans to convey deep fears and challenges of the society of its times, each time creating a new, innovative story supplemented by cutting edge visuals.

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