These Outlander podcasts offer some excellent analysis and recaps of what has happened and what to expect in the weeks ahead on Season 2.

The Outlander (2014 - ) fandom, including the original book series fans and now fans of the show on Starz, are loyal and legion. Mentioning the names "Claire and Jaime" are like the (not-so) secret password to a worldwide Highland clan. Release those passionate fans onto the Internet, and the opportunities to join in the community of Outlander podcasts, websites, Facebook groups, Tumblrs, and more become almost infinite.

With Season 2 premiering on Starz, the airwaves (and ethernet cables) are jammed with content to help you catch up with your favorite Scots and meet some of the new players from the French court. Podcasts are a good place to start with some excellent analysis and recaps of what has happened and what to expect in the weeks ahead. There's pregnancy! Paris! Scotland! Intrigue! Here are some of the best podcasts around to help fill you in and keep you company as the Frasers arrive in France.

The Scot & The Sassenach

Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stephens, the eponymous Sassenach and Scot, of Storywonk fame, break down the episodes from a distinct storytelling point of view. Bonus: Stephens has also done a series of podcasts that is an in-depth analysis of the first two books in the series. Listen to the most recent episode, a commentary track for the Season 1 finale, below or here.

Outlander Cast

Outlander Cast with Mary and Blake is another husband and wife podcast, like Lani and Alastair. The conceit of their podcast is that she has read all of the books, and he hasn't. It makes for interesting discussions about adaptation and the visual medium of television. The set-up also helps keep them spoiler free for fans who are new to the Outlander-verse. And Blake does it all with a wicked awesome Boston accent!

Listen to them discuss 18th Century French history here.

The Outlander Podcast (TM):

Summer and Ginger, two longtime Outlander fans, break down the episodes and also do read-alongs of the books. They started the podcast to build their Outlander community and, "we hope, further seasons in matters related to Diana Gabaldon’s books, the Starz production, and other subjects directly, indirectly, or tangentially, related to Scotland. In other words, All Things Outlander."

Check out an interview they did with Diana Gabaldon here


Of course, there are a couple of official Starz podcasts as well. So if you're looking to catch up on some scoop straight from the production team, click here for an archive of selected podcasts from Showrunner Ronald D. Moore and Costume Designer Terry Dresbach.