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  1. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Here’s the Definitive Answer.

    This video finally settles the debate: Is Die Hard is a Christmas movie? We break down the criteria for what makes a Christmas movie and then find out if Die Hard belongs on the naughty or nice list.

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    Die Hard
  2. Unwrapping Elf: Cheering Our Inner Grinch

    Find out how Elf uses Christmas nostalgia to warm our Grinch-like hearts.

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  3. Ask the Professor: What’s So Great About Casablanca?

    We all know Casablanca is a great movie -- but what makes it great? We talked to film professor Julian Cornell about why Casablanca is one of the classic love stories in cinema.

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  4. The Incredibles Symbolism: The Power of Family

    The Incredibles uses superpowers to challenge our assumptions about family roles.

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    The Incredibles
  5. Inception’s Hidden Meaning: The Film is the Dream

    The characters in Inception correspond to a film crew, and a hidden anagram in their names reveal the deeper message of the film.

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  6. What Loving Looks Like: Visual Simplicity

    We take a closer look at Jeff Nichols' Loving and the filmmaking philosophy of visual simplicity.

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  7. Tarantino’s Hidden Symbols: Pulp Fiction & Toilets

    Pulp Fiction's bathroom scenes carry a hidden meaning.

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    Pulp Fiction
  8. Marvel’s “Luke Cage”: Blaxploitation or #BlackLivesMatter

    Marvel/Netflix series "Luke Cage" is both progressive and regressive in its race politics.

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    Marvel’s Luke Cage
  9. Gilmore Girls Hair: Unraveling Rory’s Locks (Video)

    We unlock the deeper hidden meaning in Rory's hair evolution over the years on Gilmore Girls.

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    Gilmore Girls
  10. Scott Pilgrim: Reinventing the Movie Musical

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is structured like a classic Hollywood movie musical, but with a video game twist.

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    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  11. Halloween Tropes Explained: Final Girl & Death by Sex

    We look at how the Final Girl & Death by Sex became staples of the horror genre.

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    Halloween (1978)
  12. How is “Breaking Bad”’s Walter White like the Old Testament’s King Saul

    A popular television character and a biblical figure share more qualities than one would expect.

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    Breaking Bad
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