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  1. What’s So Great About Twin Peaks

    We look back at the iconic series, Twin Peaks, to understand what made it so groundbreaking and influential. The series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost brought cinematic visual techniques to TV, challenged audiences, and built an atmosphere that countless shows have since tried to emulate.

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    Twin Peaks
  2. The Man in the High Castle: Interview with the Cinematographer

    We talk in-depth to cinematographer Gonzalo Amat about the visual world of The Man in the High Castle. He discusses lighting, framing, the different worlds of the show, and how a DP is also a visual storyteller.

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    The Man in the High Castle
  3. Tribeca 2017: Noah Baumbach and Dustin Hoffman Talk Process, First Films, and Sticking to the Script

    At the Tribeca Film Festival 2017, writer-director Noah Baumbach and acclaimed actor Dustin Hoffman sat down to discuss Baumbach's filmmaking career. They talked about process, working together on "The Meyerowitz Stories" (2017), and what they have learned about making movies thus far.

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    The Meyerowitz Stories
    Kicking and Screaming
    Frances Ha
    The Graduate
  4. Legion Explained: Symbolism & Visual Storytelling

    We explore how FX's Legion uses visual storytelling techniques and symbolism to give us a window into David Haller's mind. As the Marvel character struggles to distinguish his mutant powers from insanity, the show uses creative camera, sound, editing and lighting to express what he's feeling and how he perceives the world.

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  5. How “Scorsese” is Silence?

    We look at legendary director Martin Scorsese's most recent film, Silence, in the context of his filmography. How much do his trademark style and thematic interests show up here? Does this feel like a "Scorsese" film?

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  6. Lego Movie Explained: Symbols & Deeper Meaning

    We take an in-depth look at The Lego Movie, its symbolism and its hidden meaning, to reveal what it's all about.

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  7. Burning Sands Ending Explained by the Director & Cast

    We speak to the director and cast of Netflix's Burning Sands about what happened at the end of the movie, and what it's all about. Featuring stars Trevor Jackson, Alfre Woodard, Tosin Cole, DeRon Horton, and director Gerard McMurray.

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  8. Donnie Darko Explained: The Ending & What It Meant

    We unpack what happened at the end of Donnie Darko, and what it all meant.

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    Donnie Darko
  9. What’s So Hot About Some Like It Hot?

    We revisit the classic comedy Some Like It Hot with Yale Professor Marc Lapadula. Take a closer look at the performances, directing, messages and historical impact of the groundbreaking, hilarious film.

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    Some Like it Hot
  10. Beauty and the Beast Explained: Tale as Old as Time

    We look back at 1991's Beauty and the Beast and unpack what made the movie so great: its visuals, the symbolism of the story, and the origins of the "tale as old as time."

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    Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  11. Black Mirror Explained: A Shared Universe

    Charlie Brooker says the Black Mirror "flavor" is like a box of chocolates, and they're all dark chocolates. We explore some of the show's Easter Eggs, as well as how the episodes share a common tone and worldview.

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    Black Mirror
  12. Fifty Shades Explained: What’s the Real Fantasy?

    What is the real fantasy that's drawn so many people to Fifty Shades of Grey? Even though many find the relationship problematic or even abusive, it's tapping into some common deeper fantasies.

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    Fifty Shades of Grey
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